11 Tips for Shipping Your Motorcycle to an International Location

If you are planning for an international move, then the shipping of your motorcycle will typically involve a lot of planning and preparation work. However, if you hire an efficient and reliable shipping partner for relocation, then the task seems easy and manageable. In fact with the help of professional auto carriers, anyone can successfully transport their motorcycle to an international location. Here are some useful tips to help you with the shipping of your motorcycle internationally.


  1. Finding a reputable auto transport company is the first step in planning your motorcycle shipping. Make sure that the hired company is well established with a proven track record.
  2. Verify whether the auto carrier is licensed and insured so that your motorcycle will be protected under the insurance coverage. Do the research beforehand so as to avoid any kinds of negligence and mistakes.
  3. Discuss your special requirements with the customer executive of the potential auto transport company to make things clear. Most of the international shipping companies will have full time employees to take care of all the needs of the customers.
  4. Check whether the auto transport company will perform the importing formalities, associated paperwork and customs clearance prior to shipping.
  5. Once the auto carrier service and the relocation dates are confirmed, then you need to prepare the motorcycle for the move. This is done to ensure safety and prevent any potential risk of damage while transporting your motorcycle.
  6. Prior to the shipping, empty the fuel tank of your motorcycle leaving only a very small amount of fuel in it. The auto carriers would require only a small amount of fuel to drive the motorcycle onto and off of the truck. Emptying the fuel tank will prevent any possibility of risks or damage by continuous exposure of fuel to high temperatures and other conditions.
  7. Remove the battery of the motorcycle. This is done to eliminate the possibility of damages to the battery during transportation.
  8. In case if you are shipping your motorcycle via air shipping, then it’s mandatory that you drain all the fluids from the motorcycle. All the fluids such as gasoline, brake fluid, motor oil and radiator fluid should be drained completely.
  9. Take enough photographs of the motorcycle before shipping. Once you confirm the deal with the auto shipping company, their team will arrive to carry out an inspection process of your motorcycle. This will provide a documentation of the state and present working conditions of the vehicle. For insurance claims and record keeping, these kinds of reports and photographs are very useful.
  10. Remove all the attachments out of the motorcycle. Side mirrors, saddle bags, tank bags and other items which can be detached out of the motorcycle should be removed. Secure any loose ends of the vehicle so that it does not cause any damage by jostling around.
  11. Make sure that you lower the tire pressure on all the tires of your motorcycle prior to shipping. Also make sure that there are no kinds of leaks from the vehicle. A quick examination of the motorcycle can be done in order to make sure that everything is working fine.

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