Things to Consider Before Shipping Your Vehicle

While moving to another country you may wish to take your vehicle along with you rather than selling it off and purchasing a new one from the new location. In that case, there may be a lot of mandatory requirements and regulations to be adhered to before importing the vehicle to the new location. Here are some valuable insights to consider if you are planning to ship your vehicle.


  • When you have already decided to ship your vehicle, its best to leave the task to professional experts who have been in the business of vehicle shipping.
  • Before shipping, you need to decide on the method of transportation of your vehicle. There are many ways of shipping available to you such as train transport, auto transport, closed or open trailers and container shipping. Each method has its own benefits and demerits. So it’s better to gauge them before proceeding further.
  • Depending upon the distance to be covered, method of transport and type of the vehicle, the shipping rate may vary considerably. For instance, auto carrier service with an open trailer may be less expensive than an enclosed one.
  • Carefully choose the auto transport company that can handle all your vehicle transportation needs. Confirm if the hired auto transport company will handle vehicles that you are intending to ship.
  • Shipping vehicles is not easy and it brings about some potential risks along with it. So make sure that you are aware of all the processes involved with shipping vehicles.
  • Certain countries may have stringent rules for importing vehicles. You can consult with the relevant officials or Department of Transportation to get more details about the same. Be sure to research about the specific requirements of that country before importing.
  • Make sure that you keep a valid proof for ownership of your vehicle while transporting. You would also require the shipping company’s original bill of lading, condition report, insurance policy, foreign registration, customs clearance and other related documents.
  • Remove all loose items from the interior of your vehicle. Chances are high that you may leave some of your essential accessories such as chargers, CDs, electronic devices and so on.
  • Clean the exterior as well as interiors of your vehicle prior to moving. It helps in a quick inspection of your vehicle at the time of shipping as well as delivery.
  • Make sure that the alarms are turned off or deactivated. Otherwise, in the event of an activated alarm, the batteries will get completely drained.
  • Empty the fuel tank and leave only less than quarter tank to facilitate the transportation of vehicle onto and off of the moving equipment.
  • Antennas and other detachable items should be removed for ensuring safety.
  • Do a thorough testing of the brake systems and other working conditions of the vehicle prior to shipping.
  • Get in touch with the auto transport company to keep you updated about the status of your vehicle. Most of them will have online tracking techniques to assist you with transportation.

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